Commitment Packet for 2017-2018

Parents and students: if you follow this page top to bottom you’ll get a complete list of what you need to do.

Read These

  1. Letter from WBPA Co-Presidents
  2. First Aid information

Online Fee Payments

Online fee payments can be made here.

Electronic Form Submission

Deadline for electronic form submission has passed. If you have outstanding forms download them from here, print, complete, and turn in to Mr. Back immediately.

CCSD Forms

Because these forms belong to CCSD they cannot be completed electronically. Please download each, print, complete, and turn in.

  1. CCSD Blanket Permission Form (updated to new form as of June 2017)
  2. CCSD Overnight Permission Form (for band camp, updated to new form as of June 2017)
  3. CCSD Permission to Display Photograph
  4. CCSD Clinic Card


  • Review this document for payment and document submission deadlines.

Printable Forms

If you need to download and re-print a form from your packet you can find all printable forms here.

BOA Atlanta 2015 Photos Available

The Walton Marching Raider Band recently competed in what was widely regarded as the toughest BOA Atlanta Super Regional ever, and walked away with an 8th place finish. The band’s score of 84.10 was their highest score at BOA Atlanta since 2005 and the second highest ever for Walton at this event.
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Florida 2016 – Trip Emergency Contact Registration

2016 Florida Emergency Contact Information

(Sometimes referred to as “Student Number”)

If no cell phone enter all zeros

If no cell phone enter all zeros

If no home phone enter all zeros

If no work phone enter all zeros


Florida 2016 – Trip Code of Conduct Registration

2016 Florida Trip Code of Conduct

(Sometimes referred to as “Student Number”)


Florida 2016 – Trip Commitment Registration

2016 Florida Trip Commitment

(Sometimes referred to as “Student Number”)

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