This month’s feeding frenzy is Wednesday, September 17th at California Pizza Kitchen at Johnson’s Ferry and Roswell Road.  Please go to support your Walton Band and enjoy some great food at the same time!

Simply show the attached flyer to your server and California Pizza Kitchen will share a portion of the check with the Walton Band

Our 2018-2019 Fruit Sale begins now. Final deadline for returning orders to the Band Room is Monday, November 5th.

Improved packaging will ensure that our fruit arrives in great condition with “fresh from the grove” flavor and quality.

The Fruit Sale Guide and Forms file contains instructions and general information about the Fruit Sale.  A second file, Fruit Sale Marketing Sales, contains a marketing brochure and order form.

These files are also available at Walton Band Forms. Searching for “Fruit” or sorting by last update should bring up the forms.

Our itinerary for the Super Regional Bands of America competition in St. Louis is now available.

It’s going to be a busy few days for the students, staff, and chaperones!

Welcome to Our Rising 9th Grade Families

A word of welcome to all our incoming students and families – we’re very glad that you’re going to be a part of the Walton Band Family!

You’re going to be learning a lot of new things in the coming days and weeks, and you’re going to have a lot of questions. The purpose of this article is to answer some of those questions and equip you to be up to date on what’s going on.

First… the e-blast is by far our most important method of disseminating information to the band family. If you are not already subscribed please go here and subscribe right now. Also, if you miss an issue you can find back issues on the same page.

Second… the calendar page on the site gives you a detailed look at the band calendar throughout the year. As an aside, if you’re someone that is moderately adept with technology there’s a link on the calendar page that will allow you to synchronize the calendar with the one on your smartphone, tablet, or computer-based calendar. This calendar is always subject to change, when this happens we will update the calendar and notify you via e.blast/Facebook Group post. Speaking of which, be sure to join our closed WBPA Facebook Group, to join us simply search Walton Band Parent Association 2018-2019. This is a group for and by parents, if you wish to contact the Band Directors, you may do so here.

Third… You can find general contact information for the WBPA Board of Directors here and you can find specific committee chair contact information here.  If you don’t find the answer to your questions in the e-blast or on the website then feel free to reach out to the appropriate persons to get your questions answered.

Again, welcome to the Walton Band Family.

Nancy & Scott Anderson
WBPA Co-Presidents

Commitment Packet for 2018-2019

Parents and students: if you follow this page top to bottom you’ll get a complete list of what you need to do.

Read These

  1. Letter from WBPA Co-Presidents
  2. First Aid information

Fee Payments

Online fee payments can be made here. For other payment details please see the Student/Parent To-Do List and Marching Band Commitment Form included in your commitment packet. You can also find a link to these documents at the bottom of this page.

Completing Your Forms

  • For returning families: go to Charms ( and update your parent and student information (especially t-shirt size). You can then complete all remaining printed forms in your commitment day packet.
  • For new families: Simply complete all of the printed pages included in the commitment day packet.
  • For all families: Please print clearly, you do not want treatment of your sick or injured student delayed in an emergency!

Turning in Your Forms

  • Completed forms may be turned in to the Commitment Forms Box at the front of the Walton Band Room before Friday, April 20th, at 6 PM, or at the designated tables near the Walton High School Gymnasium starting at 10:30 AM on Saturday, April 21st, 2018. Signs will clearly mark the location of the tables. Note that tables will close at 11:45 AM for the Spring Concert and will re-open for 30 minutes after the event.

Printable Forms

If you need to download and reprint a form from your packet you can find all printable forms here.

Welcome to Our 2017 Year-End “Thank You” Edition

Twice a year we set an opportunity to say thanks to the many individuals that make the Walton Band program run so well. Your students are getting a band experience that is consistent with the excellence that Walton High School represents, and it is your willingness to help that makes it possible.

We would like to extend a specific word of thanks to the following:

To the members of the 2017-2018 WBPA Board of Directors: Shannon Creasman, Rich Creasman, Karen Hudadoff, Dean Hudadoff, Stephen Beauchamp, Barbara Beauchamp, Craig Perry, Chrys Kuick, Kenny Hemmer, Sandra Perry, and Michele Reale. We understand the countless hours you put in to keep the band running and we greatly appreciate your service.

To our band camp directors: Carey Chipps, Nikki Hixon, Craig Perry, & Chris Sumsky – we thank you for taking on and excelling at one of the toughest jobs of the year.

To Robert Bruce: Your work leading the roadie crew is so important to our band’s success, and we really appreciate your hard work!

To Karen Hudadoff & Carey Chipps: Thank you for serving as coordinators for our trip to Indianapolis. The trip went very smoothly and all of the participants made memories for a lifetime.

To Mary Embleau for managing our student accounts. This is a very important job that requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work, and we so appreciate your dedication to keeping our accounts accurate and up-to-date.

To our Directors: Mr. Back & Mr. Palmer, we recognize that being a band director is so much more than a 9 to 5 job, and we are sincerely thankful for the time and effort you give on behalf of our students.

To all our parent volunteers: The band can’t practice without you chaperoning; the band can’t perform without you moving gear; the band can’t travel without your support; simply put, we cannot have the kind of band program we want for our students without you. Thank you so much for everything you do.

It is our pleasure to serve as your WBPA Co-Presidents…
John & Mitzi Underwood


We would like to recognize and thank all the wonderful parents who helped us out with uniforms this fall semester. We certainly did it all this season! Fit old uniforms on every marching student, then fit new uniforms on every marching student, fit concert band tuxedos and dresses on all band students, packed everyone for the Indy trip, plumed and deplumed at every show, organized the uniform room so it could fit more than it has ever held before, and made sure we got everyone looking good for each show and everything turned back in after every show. And did we mention multiple piles of uniform washings throughout the marching season? It was a lot of work this year and we would never have been able to get it all done if it were not for the amazing volunteers that showed up and pitched in. It is because of you all that we always had enough hands on deck to get the job done. We also really enjoyed working with and getting to know each of you. If your band child or children are graduating, we will miss you next year and wish you all the best. If you still have band time at Walton left, we would love to work beside you again next year! Thank you for your willingness to share your time, your dedication to helping make our students look great, your cheerfulness as you helped out, and of course your washing machines! We are so grateful for each and every one of you and thank you for helping make this semester a success across many different uniforms!

— Bevin Newton, Lisa Flagel, and Kristie Eshleman, Uniform Chairs

Thanks to Bevin Newton and the entire team of uniform volunteers. The work done by this team is impressive in any season, but particularly so this year with an extra set of marching uniforms to manage.

— John & Mitzi Underwood


I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and a hearty thank you to all the roadies. Everyone made this marching season enjoyable. I would like to especially thank the senior parents for welcoming me into the band and encouraging my involvement. I have thoroughly enjoyed these last few years and getting to know all of you. I would also like to thank all the chaperones that doubled as roadies on the Grand Nationals trip. It was cold and busy but everyone pitched in and we had the best loads and unloads of the season which is no small feat because, in addition to Big Blue, we had a box truck and trailer as well. I also want to give a shout out to Melanie and Mark Ayash who flew up to Indianapolis on their own and were a tremendous help.

Finally, I want to thank Martin Gladstone – Martin, you are truly an inspiration to me.

— Robert Bruce

Thanks to our alumni roadies – Tim Floyd and Gary West – for designing and building our props, helping us move on and off the field for competition, and generally making everything a ton of fun.

— John Underwood

Administrative Thank-You’s

What an incredible marching season! None of it would have happened without the combined efforts, hard work, and dedication of many. We are truly grateful to all who served on our committees and helped pave the way for a successful marching year.

To our directors: Mike Back, John Palmer, and their support staff: thank you for enriching our children’s lives with a love of music and marching. Thank you for encouraging them to push themselves to be their best and for giving it your all to produce a fantastic show.

To our WBPA Board: Mitzi and John Underwood, Karen and Dean Hudadoff, Michele Reale, Chrys Kuick-Pocino, Kenny Hemmer, Sandra and Craig Perry, Barbara and Steve Beauchamp – you all are simply amazing at doing whatever it takes to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. I am amazed at what gets accomplished. Each one of you is adept at what you do and I wish I could list it all but your talents are too numerous to list here.  It has been an honor and pleasure to serve with each one of you.

To our Audiovisual team: Scott Kester and Melanie Ayash – thank you for braving cold winds and great heights to capture our students’ performances so that they could appreciate and improve their performances.

To our Band Camp Directors: Carey Chipps, Nikki Hixon, Craig Perry, and Chris Sumsky – you created an amazing environment and experience that brought this band together as a family in July. Thank you for your endless and tireless work.

To our Hospitality and Programs chairs: Marilyn Milley, Marcie Colt, and Shelli Farquhar – thank you for decorating, coordinating, printing programs, and gathering treats for our winter concert. You make everything warm and welcoming. You ladies are the best!

To our Name Tags chair: Laura McNeice – you helped us to remember our own names in addition to making it easier to learn new ones. Thank you for all of your organization!

To our PA announcer: Sandra Perry – thank you for your beautiful voice in introducing the show at games and competitions. Your professionalism is to be admired!

To our Parent Pride Chair: Chrys Kuick-Pocino – you are a do whatever it takes kind of girl, someone I can always call on to help out. I want to thank you for setting up and organizing the treats we all enjoyed at post-game tailgates and coordinating the shaved ice treat at our first dress rehearsal. You are a rockstar! Oh yeah, and thanks for sugaring our kids up before they went home.

To our Roadie Captain: Robert Bruce – thank you and your numerous band of Roadies (John Underwood, Gregg Maynard, and many others) who coordinated the logistics of transportation, moving and lugging and pulling every piece of equipment, prop, and device necessary to put on the show, making repairs to Pride Field,  and for contributing to the building of props. The number of hours and sore muscles you have contributed is immeasurable. Thank you for all of your incredible work.

To our Refreshment Chair: Stacy Lewin – thank you for always keeping our students hydrated and invigorated for games, performances, and parades. Your commitment to this area of service over the last several years is truly appreciated.

To our Uniform Chairs: Bevin Newton and her right hand lady, Kristie Eshleman – WOW! Words can never truly express the tireless dedication you’ve had in readying our kids for performances. Taking on ordering an entire new amazing uniform and all that goes into measuring, sizing, organizing, repairing, cleaning, and stocking these uniforms is quite remarkable. Thank you SO much for all of your efforts in keeping our kids looking top notch.

With much love and admiration,
— Shannon and Rich Creasman, Walton Band Co-Administrative VPs

Thanks from your Band Representatives

Band Reps Dean & Karen Hudadoff would like to thank every parent who volunteered as a rehearsal chaperone this past marching season. We appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule to care for the physical (and sometimes emotional) needs of our kids so that the professional staff could concentrate on teaching music and drill. Thanks to Anne Gilk, Breia Bali, Bronson Beisel, CaNeil Kabzinski, Carey Chipps, Carolina Helsel, Chepin Hamilton, Chrys Kuick, Chuck Kaste, Dana Evans, Danna Vach, David Hamilton, Deborah Krupp, Emmy Sturch, Evan Nader, Frances Maynard, Geoff Evans, Greg Maynard, Jeannie Caryn, Jen Nader, Jennifer Donner, Jon Helsel, Julie Abraham, Karen Hudadoff, Karen Hughes, Kelley Costantino, Kim Turner, Kit Carlson, Laura McNeice, Leslie Botko, Lilli Qualtiere, Lynne Durden, Mark Durden, Mary Embleau, Michele Reale, Mitzi Underwood, Nancy Anderson, Noel Gonzalez, Pam Stewart, Rachael Ongaro, Rajeshwari Rao, Regina Rozza, Richard Creasman, Sakiko Stonely, Scott Mintz, Shannon Creasman, Shawn Lieth, Susan Conner, Susan Vavra, Suzy Rabun, Teresa Castle, and Wendy Vitale.

A big thank you to Volunteer Coordinator Nancy Anderson for always making sure there were parents signed up for each and every band event. Despite her very busy schedule, she was always looking ahead to the next week to make sure every slot was filled, emailing and calling parents as needed to ensure a competent crew was standing by with water and first aid, dealing with late cancellations and no-shows, as well as people who failed to read the instructions. She also enjoyed serving at more than her fair share of shifts, but we suspect she actually enjoys being with our kids, as good parents do. If every parent put in one-tenth the time you do, there would be no shortage of volunteers.  We cannot thank you enough!

Thanks to Jennifer McClish, Shawn Leith, Caroline King, and Nancy Anderson for coordinating Senior Night activities this year. Thank you, Chris Sumsky for announcing all our Marching Band Seniors and their parent escorts. Special thanks to Dale & Kathy Aspy for returning to photograph the honored families.

Thanks to all the board members, including Michele Reale for quickly responding to payment requests, Shannon Creasman for providing fresh first aid kits throughout the season, Shannon & Rich Creasman for maintaining electronic permission/medical forms and for supplying the barricades (not to mention trucks), and Barbara & Steve Beauchamp for taking special care of color guard.

Thanks to the students of the trumpet section for placing the barricades on Pride Field after school, and putting them away neatly after practice.

Thanks to Jewel Kepner for taking so many great photos of every band event and sharing them online for all to enjoy!

A big thank you to all those who chaperoned local bus trips, including: Nancy Anderson, Jewel Kepner, Mark Durden, Carolina Helsel, Jon Helsel, Laura NcNeice, Lisa Flagel, Bevin Newton, Kristie Eshleman, Craig Perry, Paul Frickey, Shannon Creasman, Mitzi Underwood, Raj Rao, Sandra Perry, Laura Mills, Lynne Durden, Michael McNeice, Frances Maynard, Carey Chipps, Ted Chipps, Scott Kester, Chrys Kuick-Pocino, Michael Pocino, Stacy Lewin, Hayden Kepner, Scott Anderson, Nikki Hixon, Kenny Hemmer, Christian Pajot, Caroline King, Breia Bali, Melanie Ayash, Mark Ayash, Emmy Sturch, Jennifer Donner, Chuck Kaste, Kate Valakos, Michele Reale, Deborah Krupp, Joan Bruce, Scott Reale, and George Flynn. The students can’t go anywhere without your help.

Thank you to all the parents who helped with the East Cobber Parade by coming early to set up refreshments, help with uniforms and instruments, and provide water at the end. Special thanks to Nancy Anderson, Carey Chipps, Christian Pajot, and Chrys Kuick-Pocino for walking with the band. Big thanks to Kenny Hemmer and Sakiko Stonely for escorting the band in the Homecoming Parade, and thanks to all the volunteers who shuttled students to the start of the parade route.

We want to thank Pam Kulpa for serving as snack coordinator this marching season. Thanks for gathering the donated snacks and presenting a nice assortment for every bus on every trip. The students really appreciate those bags of goodies that get passed around on the way back from all our performances. In addition,  our thanks to every band family that donated snacks or drinks this season. From band camp to the Indy trip, this amazing group of young people goes through a lot of food and beverages. We appreciate your generosity.

Thank You to our amazing Grand Nationals trip team: Co-Trip Director Carey Chipps; props Crew Gary West and Tim Floyd; chaperones Mitzi Underwood, John Underwood, Robert Bruce, Shannon Creasman, Bevin Newton, Nancy Anderson, Jewel Kepner, Paul Frickey, Gregg Maynard, Dean Hudadoff, Kenny Hemmer, Craig Perry, Hayden Kepner, Jon Helsel, Michele Reale, Barbara Beauchamp, Chrys Kuick-Pocino, and Carolina Helsel.

Nikki Hixon, Thank you for collecting for the Marching Seniors Yearbook Tribute.

— Dean and Karen Hudadoff, Band Representatives

The following volunteers get a special shout out for always being willing to sign up for even more shifts than they had already signed up: Emmy Sturch, Frances Maynard, Chryst Kuick. For their willingness to show up in a pinch special thanks to Leslie Botko, Alex Reed and Susan Vavra. Deep gratitude goes to Frances Maynard and Raj Rao for always helping out to serve and clean up after band meals. Finally, biggest thanks to Chris Ensley who signed up to sell 50/50 tickets even on Senior Night!

To each of you who signed up to Chaperone a practice or returned an email or text when I was short-handed – THANK YOU for always stepping up and giving of yourself freely. We are all busy, but you were never too busy to help a friend. We had a great season because of all who volunteered! You are the best!

— Nancy Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator

Thanks from your Color Guard Representatives

Thank you to the “Glam Squad” – Kim Turner and Birgette Tolstrup for flying to Indy on your own and taking an Uber at the crack of dawn to do hair for the Color Guard. It was appreciated!!!

Thank you to all the Color Guard parents that Volunteered as Chaperones this fall season.

— Barbara and Stephen Beauchamp, Guard Representatives

From the Treasurer

Holiday Chaperones
Being the Band Treasurer these past few years, I interact with a lot of volunteers and band parents. I wanted to take a moment to thank all who have served on the Board with me this year – A HUGE thank you to John and Mitzi Underwood, Craig and Sandra Perry, Shannon and Rich Creasman, Karen and Dean Karen Hudadoff, Barbara and Stephen Beauchamp, Chrys Kuick and Kenny Hemmer. Being on the Board is FUN and REWARDING. The kids know what we do for them and this wonderful program. I want to thank everyone that works on fundraising and other jobs that involvement payments and receipts. You help make my job easy and I appreciate each and every one of you – Bevin Newton, Kristie Eshleman, Lisa Flagel (Uniforms), Emmy Sturch (50-50 raffle), Jennifer McClish (band meals), John & Carolina Helsel (Picture Day), Carey Chipps (recycling), Heather Callahan (football ticket sales), Caroline King and Susan Vavra (fruit sale), Mary Embleau (student accounts), Julie Haas (scrip), Jill Herring and Maria Lewis (Spiritwear), Cyndy Lobb (Square), and Michelle Reick (Feeding Frenzy).

— Michele Reale, WBPA Treasurer

Thanks from your Financial VPs

I would like to thank Heather Callahan for all her help with Season Tickets for this year’s football season. I could not have done it without her.

I would also like to thank Risa Moskowitz for taking the time to plan and organize this year’s WBBD party knowing from the beginning she wouldn’t be able to attend the party. She did a great job in making the party a success.

— Kenny Hemmer, WBPA Financial Co-VP

First, I’d like to thank our directors, Mr. Back and Mr. Palmer. The opportunity that this program provides our kids is incredible. The time, heart, and dedication that you both put into this program give them an experience that is irreplaceable. To see them grow from little freshmen who can’t find the beat, to fine, upstanding citizens with real leadership qualities is a testament to the program you offer. Thank you for the learning experiences you’ve given our kids.

A huge thank you goes out to my committee chairs for the fall marching season:

John and Carolina Helsel did an amazing job with the band pictures event this fall, completely managing a successful event that had our students looking fantastic. Thank you for your time and hard work, John, and Carolina!

Jill Herring, our Walton Spiritwear coordinator, made us all look good in our Walton Wear! Thank you, Jill, for all the time you put into designing new spirit wear options, ordering all the product for us to choose from, and spending all of the time you do so we can buy the products and look good for our band! Thank you, Jill!

Carey Chipps, our Recycling coordinator, ran a very successful recycling event this fall. Thanks to Carey’s efforts, we’re over 60% of the way to our goal for Recycling this school year, and we’ve got another event to do in the Spring! Thank you, Carey!

I’d like to thank my fellow Fundraising VP’s Craig Perry and Kenny Hemmer. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you both this year. It’s truly been FUNdraising!

Thank you to John and Mitzi. Your leadership and hard work mentality make doing our jobs easier than they should be. I have enjoyed working for and with you this year.

Thank you to Rich and Shannon Creasman, for keeping all of our equipment in top working order. Everything from trucks and trailers, down to coolers and keys, you make sure we all have what we need to do our jobs, and I appreciate it all.

Thank you to Dean and Karen Hudadoff, you take great care of our kids, whether it’s on Pride Field, or at away games, on trips to downtown Atlanta, or to Indianapolis. You always know what to do to ensure the safety of our children, and you lead us to make sure it happens. Thank you.

Thank you, Michele Reale, the handler of all the money! You do a great job of keeping all things related to cash on track, and getting us all reimbursed efficiently. Thank you for all you do!

Thank you to all of our volunteers. I love working with all of you, to make this experience amazing for our kids!

— Chrys Kuick, WBPA Financial Co-VP

Here’s a big shout-out to all the chaperones that helped at band camp at LaGrange College. Thank you to my fellow camp directors Nikki Hixon, Carey Chipps, and Chris Sumsky. It was fun to serve alongside each of you on a daily basis. And a BIG thank you to our chaperones: Nancy Anderson, Melanie Ayash, Barbara Beauchamp, Robert Bruce, Rich Creasman, Shannon Creasman, Lynne Durden, Mary Embleau, Paul Frickey, Carolina Helsel, Jon Helsel, Kenny Hemmer, Karen Hudadoff, Hayden Kepner, Jewell Kepner, Chrys Kuick-Pocino, Greg Maynard, Laura McNeice, Bevin Newton, Christian Pajot, Michael Pocino, Emmy Sturch, and John Underwood. From loading and unloading trucks, setting up the fields, sorting and distributing camp shirts, driving trucks, organizing evening activities/parties, taking lots of photos…and in-general making sure our students were safe, well-fed and having a great time on and off the marching fields! If was an honor serving along-side each of you – I count it a high honor to have been a camp director for two years! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Sandra Perry & Jennifer McClish did their usual great job of making sure students got fed lunch during all-day practices and prior to away games! These ladies are quite a team that coordinated taking student orders, contacting restaurants and collecting a terrific team of volunteers that set-up, served and cleaned up after each meal! Great job Sandra and Jennifer!

Emmy Sturch lead our efforts on the 50/50 Raffle this year and did a terrific job! Emmy took old band t-shirts and sewed them into cash and ticket aprons for our sellers! We not only had a terrific season with our football team, but Emmy and her volunteers helped raise over $2400 for the band! Way to go Emmy!

Thanks to Caroline King and Susan Vavra for helping us break fruit sale records this year! Great results…and the students loved unloading the truck together and enjoying pizza as their reward! Thanks too for all the parents that helped the weekend of receiving and distribution of the citrus fruit! Caroline and Susan, I sure do appreciate each of you.

Thanks to Michelle Rieck for taking on Feeding Frenzy this year! Michelle, you haven’t missed a beat and have chosen great restaurants so that all of us can take a day off once a month from cooking and cleaning during the fall…thanks to you, we not only get to go out for a great meal, but we earn $$ for the Raider Band! Thanks, Michelle – we look forward to the Frenzies during the second half of the year!

Fellow Fund Raising Vice Presidents: I am thankful for my fellow Fund Raising Vice Presidents, Chrys Kuick and Kenny Hemmer! We’ve accomplished a lot the first half of the year – ah yes, there’s plenty more to do! I appreciate spreading the work out over the three of us! Thank you, Chrys and Kenny!

— Craig Perry, WBPA Financial Co-VP

Notes from Thankful Band Parents

Thanks to Mark and Melanie Ayash for always providing the extra lift and timely assistance to the roadie team. Your presence is always appreciated as a steady and willing addition. Helping with props after practice, loading trucks, consistently helping on trips and performances — thank you.

— Gregg Maynard

A special thank you to Scott Brown and James Pluth. Every year I attend the first rehearsal for percussion and I think to myself “they have a long way to go, how on earth will they ever be as good as last year’s line.” And then, at the end of the year, I’m always blown away by how good they’ve become. You two are very special instructors, and I truly appreciate the time you’ve put into both my kids’ lives over these 7 years together.

— John Underwood

Mitzi and John Underwood – Thank you for all your years of service to the Walton Band, all your patience, excellent guidance, and leadership. You set a great example for us all.

Shannon and Richard Creasman – Thank you for all your great leadership and help. Enjoy your year break before you are back in the band again. They (we) are lucky to have you both.

Karen and Dean Hudadoff – Thank you for all your time, leadership and patience all these years in the band. It has been a pleasure getting to know you.

Breia Sharber – Thank you for all the help preparing drinks this year. It was so fun doing our job together and getting to know each other.

— Stacy Lewin

Thank you to Barbara Beauchamp for ALL her hard work with Color Guard this season! Since I am a new freshman mom to the band program, she made it so much easier to know what was going on and also finding a way to help out. I truly appreciate Barbara! She rocks!!!!

— Kim Turner

A big thank you to my carpool and meal delivery partners: Dara Onori and Shawn Lieth. I couldn’t have done it all this semester without you. You rock!

— Lori Garner

Thank you so much to our band photographer, Eric Berns. He always manages to picture our students at their very best! Thank you also to all the wonderful parent volunteers that showed up early August for our Walton Band Picture Day. The kids looked fantastic and the morning went smoothly!

Thank you to our hard-working band directors. We had another great marching season in large part to your sincere dedication and leadership.

Thank you to all the dedicated band parents that donated so much of themselves chaperoning band camp, football games, band competitions, parades…. and so much more!

— Carolina Helsel

Three cheers for the moms and dads who feed our kids before away games and at all-day Saturday practices! These people don their plastic gloves and serve up sustenance with a smile. They show up early and stay late—without their cheerful service, we’d all be back to packing lunches. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Nancy Anderson, Rajeshwari Rao, Frances Maynard, Gregg Maynard, Lisa Kaste, Crissie Singletary, Mary Embleau, Deborah Krupp, Karen Hughes, Jan Mintz, Laura Mills, Jeannette Horton, Jeannie Caryn, and last but not least Craig and Sandra Perry (you made it look easy!). I love working with you all!

Senior Night was really special this year thanks to the cheerful efforts of Nancy Anderson, Shawn Lieth, Caroline King and Jewel Kepner. These ladies stepped up to help greet parents, pin corsages, organize lines and shoo away middle school photobombers. And thank you to former band parents, Dale and Kathy Aspy for volunteering their time to take wonderful photos. You all helped make it a sweet memory for us senior parents!

— Jennifer McClish

Thanks to Nancy Anderson, Karen Hudadorf, Caroline Helsel and Chrys Kuick for all of their hard work. Thanks to every parent who went to band camp and Indianapolis. Also, thanks to the uniform committee.

— Janice Mintz

Dear Walton Band Parents,

We want to thank everyone in the Walton Band community for making us a part of its wonderful family. Alas, this is Alisa’s senior year and our last marching band season with this great group of people. It’s been a great ride, and we will sorely miss everyone.

Jewel especially wants to thank all the people who helped her when she fell and hurt her ankle at the BOA competition in Atlanta. Mr. Back, Mr. Palmer, Carey Chip, Jon Helsel, Karen Hudodoff, Shannon Creasman and other parents and students all went out of their ways to help her out. A true family!

Jewel also wants to thank two former band parents — Dale and Kathy Aspy — for taking the photos during Senior Night so Jewel and Hayden could be with the other senior parents and have our pictures taken with Alisa. Dale and Kathy were former photographers for the band and always available to answer any questions Jewel had about how to improve her photo-taking skills. Hopefully, Jewel will be as much of a resource to the band’s new photographers next year.

Hayden wants to thank Robert Bruce and all the fellow roadies for being such a great group and for forgiving Hayden’s many mistakes. And he especially wants to thank Gary West and Tim Floyd for devoting endless hours and doing so much for the band even after their kids had graduated.

— Jewel and Hayden Kepner

Uniform Donation Drive

The Walton Band is happy to announce that we will be wearing new uniforms this year. As a part of that, we’re asking friends, family, and alumni of the Walton Band to consider making a tax-deductible donation to help offset the cost of these uniforms.

Please read the letter from our directors concerning our new uniforms.

If you wish to donate by check, please print the donation card, complete the card, and mail it along with your check (payable to WBPA) to:

Walton Band Uniform Donation
c/o Walton High School
1590 Bill Murdock Road
Marietta, GA 30062

If you prefer, you may also donate online. Simply indicate Uniform in the “Purpose of Donation” field.

Your gift is sincerely appreciated! 

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