Walton Band Parents Organization

An integral part of our programís success is parental involvement through the Walton Band and Orchestra Parents (WBOP) association. WBOP supports our program both administratively and financially. These cooperative booster club efforts enable students and parents to develop a bond that permeates throughout our band program. There are many wonderful rewards to reap through your active involvement in our program.

Purpose Statement

  1. To provide opportunities for the students in the music program to develop Proficiency, Reliability, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence.

  2. To provide administrative assistance to the music directors in areas such as chaperoning, uniforms, pit crew, newsletter, refreshments, etc.

  3. To provide financial support for a comprehensive Band, Orchestra and Guard program through various fund raisers.

All band and orchestra students' parents are automatically members of WBOP. There is a mandatory meeting of all the students and their parents at the beginning of the year and a monthly meeting held at the school throughout the school year. The board of directors meets a few days prior to each general meeting.

WBOP publishes a directory/handbook at the beginning of each year and sends a monthly newsletter through the mail. We elect officers and board members in January each year - they are installed in February and serve for one year.

WBOP members tape the performances, provide refreshments at football games, festivals and concerts, maintain and drive equipment trucks, serve as chaperones for music camp and trips, issue and maintain uniforms, organize parent tailgate parties, provide legal and medical advice, and help move musical instruments.

The success of the WBOP is entirely dependent on the volunteer efforts of the parents and students. The active parents become a very close group and enjoy the friendships made there. Graduated students and their parents often come back to attend concerts and visit with old friends.